The recent refurbishment of Cape Town Train Station, led by architect Mokena Makeka, sought to open up and de-clutter a highly congested city space.

In the run up to the FIFA 2010 World Cup, transport, and particularly transport integration were important items on the preparation agenda. Extensive effort was placed into upgrading city transport systems across South Africa, so that they may better accommodate larger numbers, and run more efficiently. Cape Town Train Station is a perfect example of this process - an old modernist 1960's building, designed on the apartheid principles of control and separation, was successfully reimaged by the architects as an open, light, fluid space to engage with and quickly pass through.

Existing informal traders were better facilitated to improve their income mechanisms, while users were able to better flow through the station. More entrances were also opened up to increase access. This new, democratic train station has become a meaningful and better used public space in Cape Town's inner-city - a testament to the legacy of the World Cup and the refurbishment project.